5 Things To Learn in College That Will Prepare You To Start Your Own Company

We are not saying that these are the exact 5 things that you have to learn to start a company. But these 5 will guide you..!!

1. Always try to turn real world into business.

Yes. We know,First of all  you should have to have awesome idea which is going to be a killer product in near future. You may have 100 of crazy ideas which you thing those are bullshit. But never think like that. Who knows that one of that idea will make you one a Bill Gate or Steve Job 🙂 You never know.

So when you got an idea, keep practice to write down every single idea in a notebook. It doesn’t matter the size of it. Keep write..!!!

Brainstorming is a great way to get your ideas flowing, and getting your ideas down on paper will give you an idea of how close or far away you are from being ready to start your own company.

College is the ideal place to practice and learn how to write a formal business plan, and you may be surprised at how many steps are involved before a final draft is ready. So start now..!!!

An another important thing is. It’s doesn’t matter what awesome idea you have if you can sell that in the market..!! So be practical..!!!


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