Starting a IT Start-up in Sri Lanka : Part 2


Since I have written about basics that you have to cover when starting a IT Start-up, this article will cover about initial expenses that you have to face when you are starting.

Since, now you have place for your own to start your startup, there are different kinds of initial expenses that you have to consider when you are staring up. Buying furnitures, office and household item for your place is the start of that. Since you are going with the low cost strategy, you should always consider about alternatives and try to find the best out of that before do any purchase on anything at this stage. Since you are staying at the same place where you do your works, you have to buy items like metres, beds, towel racks etc. Other than that you need tables and chairs to do your office works. So, one of best place to buy all items at one place is “Moratuwa” since you can save lot of money from metres and furniture items if you buy from there. It OK to buy office chairs and tables at the beginning if you have enough money. But if you don’t, since this is the start, you can always go with normal wood chairs and tables. Interior should not be a main concern at this stage.

Less you spend, more you save for the future 😉

Next main thing is “How to get daily foods”? Since I have mentioned in my last article, it’s a must that you consider about small restaurants which you can get foods for average prices. It’s the main expenses you have to bare in any stage of your startup.

You have to eat well to do well, right 😉

Apart from that, you can always prepare your own meal in house. It’s more cost effective and healthy. So, if you want to go with that, buying necessary items can add some cost to your list. But it’s okay since you can save lots of money by this.

That’s pretty much about purchasing items for your newly rented place. I may have missed lot of things. But this is just a basic guide and you can always go with your list of items and purchase its with the best option that you can think of that time.

Basics about starting your IT Start-up in Sri Lanka has covered with this article and next article will be base on about Company Registration Process in Sri Lanka and what you have to know before you directly jump into register your IT Start-up.

If you don’t have fail at least once in your life, you don’t have try to do at least one new thing in your life